Riders, Get Ready to Get Started!

Time – is an amazing Thing!, Soon we will be riding in the evenings again! 

Time, we never seem to have enough to get what we want done but it just keeps plodding on, encouraging us to have new projects started, meet new people and always come up with new challenging.  This year, hopefully we will live up to those expectations and meet them head on!, or maybe just greet them nicely (Head-on sounds dangerous).

 This year I’m planning on changing my riding program a bit.  I’m probable not going to be able to have as many new weekly riding students as I’m going to push more for attending a weekly camp sessions.  So I’m going to have Three types of camps.  Two will be for Level 1 Students, Beginners, a 3 day or 5 day camp.  This is for kids who have less than 50 riding/ horsemanship hours.    The Second Level Camp  and both Groups will be for kids/riders with over 50 hours and At least 9 years.    To participate in Level 2, riders must have confident, have completed probable two of my Level 1 camps or pass a riding exam which includes questions and hands on.  

My goals for both levels is to educate students in the ways of horse, having fun, haveing responsibility, discover what is all involved in taking care of horses, not just riding them.  

2018 Current  Programs  Planned( Still in the planning stages so dates and final riding options still to come.

 Level 1 – Camps
                       2 different options

  1.   Normal Camps –    5 days of fun Horsemanship                                         $275/ week
  2.   Mini Camps   –       3 days of Horsemanship                                                 $175/week 

Level 2    Camp

4 days of more advance riding, (Longer riders) along with some horse choirs.      $ 200/week 
  (12 hours, give or take a few)

Advance  Horsemanship Groups 

Two Groups

              Group A  –  8 Times a Month,                                                                  $240/month,
              Group B  –   12 Times a Month                                                                $300/month  

More Details for these programs on my Riding Programs page.



All riding will be conducted in small to med size groups with me, (instructor, safety officer, drill officer and policewoman!)

Go With The Fall

You know how in tumbling, a coach will say, go with the fall,- to keep it from hurting so much.  Well That’s what we are doing- to keep Winter from hurting so much!  We are going riding with the Fall and having some great rides too!  If you would like to check out more pictures of our summer and Fall riding go to facebook.com/ezwalkingstables.   Its easier to put pictures on facebook then in the web so I’ve been a little bad at updating my web page.    Now for summer events, we did the Competitive Trail ride with our 4 yr old fillies and did pretty good, I think I came in Second in the Novice division on Monique.  And my points were only a few off from the Winner, who was also from my barn!   My girls took 1St, 2nd and 3rd in the Junior Division.  So I feel pretty good.   We also did a Center Riding Clinic, Lots of trail riding, dodged many of rain drops and tried to have enough fun to make happy menories for when its a bit colder and not quite as nice riding.  Of course we will be riding!  We also introduced a Bunch of kids to the art of riding this summer through my week long riding camps and are currently teaching lessons, teaching College and attending all our horses.   We have found our riding Skirts make Great jackets when it’s cooler then expected on a ride.   AND   Check out  Oct Issue of Horse Illustrated as we  have a story featuring several of our horses , Riding in Alaska’s Backcountry!  So Dont’ fall asleep at your post, be sure get out riding!  Hope to See you on the trails.   

Summer = More Riding!

 We are looking forward to a busy summer, Horse Camps are filling up with young riders.  Planning a few overnights for owners and leasers so things are getting Busy!  In Fact there’s just not enough time to get everything done! But we will do our best to ensure horses and horsemen get out and have fun this summer!  Remember the 4 h’s   Horses, Helmets, Humans, Hackamores! and away we will go.


Coming soon will be a new Web page.  This one been hacked a few times and has old code that must go away and be retired.  So one of these days soon (Within the next 10 years, hopefully) I will get the new web page up and running!

Happy Holidays!

img_20161202_102727248img_20161202_102825214Just  want to say Thanks to everybody who rode with my stables this pass year.  It was an awesome year and I think we had some great time.   Check back with us in 2017 to see what going on.  As of Dec, I’m planning on doing a couple 1 week camps for beginner riders.  These camps were fun and education for the students and the horses enjoyed the kids too.   Probable won’t do to many riding lessons but will have a few slots open.  Most new riders will be encouraged to do one of my camps as we ride a lot during the camps and they are just a lot of fun!  For adults who want to ride and learn more about horses, I hope to have a series of workshops. These workshop will include feeding, first aid, hooves,  and riding.

So here’s my current Disclaimer Statementnice-spring-day-034

Limited and not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that exercising a little over an hour (about 75 minutes) on a wonderful Tennessee Walking Horses may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to stress and worry in your life.  To achieve this and possible other delightful benefits from riding, find a magnificent Walking Horses and go riding today.  The implantation of this proposal should not take the place of your normal workout program but should instead be an additional opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself!

Life Getting Exciting!

last of Feb Pictures 061Riding Time is Coming!.  This year, I’m not doing as many weekly lessons, instead I’m doing morning camps and Horsemanship programs.  In both program, students learn what it means to be with, work ods and ends 069with, and hopefully own a horse sometime in the future.  All students learn how to feed, tack, train and trailer horses.  Other lessons include first aid, hoof care, tack care, breeds, colors and dispositions of horses.    I’ve always wanted to help horses and believe I can do this best by training the people who will be taking care of the horses.  So if you want a life with horses and some wonderful experience with horses, then come join our program.    Spaces are limited.  Riding will be great, at least we hope so!  I plan to log 1000 miles or more  this year.  Most will be with friends so come join me for a ride!

Hello Sweet 16

Friday river ride 024Happy New Year! 2016, Here We come!

Saying Good Bye to 2015.  It was a good year.  Lots of wonderful rides.  A few friends lost, Sassy (dog) and Milkweed (cat).  Meet a lot of new horse friends and even some people friends.  Looks like we have enough hay to get us through the winter, and we have a new puppy.  All in All a very good year.

2016 should be an exciting year! This year I will be the trail Master for theCTR Monet laying down Competitive Trail ride (CTR).  I hope to have about 35 miles of trails memorized by July along the Knik River.  So if you have a horse, or want to volunteer to help with the ride, come join us! Expect anything and everything and you won’t be disappointed!

CTR Monet looking over fenceAs for my horse business, well I think I will have to cut back on riding lessons for I will need to be out on the trail more getting trails marked.  So what I plan to do is two camps a month and about 10 horsemanship programs with students.  This way every afternoon I will be out on the trails with a bunch of horsemanship students who want to ride and don’t mind working a bit on trials too.

The CTR is planned for the last weekend of July. The rest of the summer is still to be worked out! Hope to get a few overnights rides in

meet at the h2o holeHope to see you out on the trails or at the watering hole!

Learning to Learn, it’s an ART!

Trails Ahead

Now that I have Face book to post pictures and short ride stories,  I’m not updated my web page as much.  But I hope to make it into an  information place so will still keep it updated.

Horses and people are not as different when it come to learning as some folks might believe.  In order to learn we must understand what it is being presented.  We have to be able to understand and have a reason to want to know it.  Now reasons can very, maybe it makes life easier, maybe it leads to better food or maybe its just fun.  If learning can touch on all those reasons, then both horse and  person will probable learn to learn better.

This summer I am going to be expanding both horses and humans minds (hopefully) with new information and understanding.  Creating desire to learn more and get out and do more.  For my own education and that of the horses and folks I come in contact with, I’m starting a new study on the Dorrance Bothers.  They were last century master Horseman who took the time needed to learn what the horse needed to learn.  They shared what they knew with the horse’s owner or rider.  They were gentle and figured things out for each horses, not using a Cookie cutter recipe to solve problems.  This is what I want to accomplish with my horses and training, both with people and horses.  Develop Relationships where the horses want to work with us and where the people gain confident that they really can have a partnership with their horse.  Not English or Western, Just Horse!

My goal has always been to have fun and help people understand horses !

Well its time for us to start some Horse Improvement Classes.   These are for friends who want to better themselves and their horses through riding and having fun.  My major themes  include confident building and “feeling” your horse.    We will do it at both my place and on the trials. I’ve had all winter to think up new stuff and now I’m ready to get started.





I have also added a new story to my story page and have some updates on a sale horse.  Plus if you know of anybody looking for a walking Mule I know of one for sale.

So Get out, and Go Have some fun with your Horses!!! Or come and have fun with some of my!

What are we About?

We are About Riding, Practical Horsemanship.  Being a partner with your horse and both you and the horse, enjoying Life!


Riding all over the place, both high and low.  Work with folks of all ages who want to ride, own and enjoy horses.  That’s what we do!!!


Its a place to Learn.   A place to Ride.  A Place to have fun with horses.We learn about horses.  We Trail ride, We Work and We Enjoy Living. More about this on the new Lesson Page






 Laugh, Work and Ride!

A comment from one of my students the other day just about says it all.“I didn’t know  all the things I don’t Know!” (she was talking about riding)

Well that’s it for now. I might add and update more of my pages soon….. So Remember, Ride today for you might not get to tomorrow.

What do we REALLY DO

We enjoy sharing our horses with folks who are not as lucky but would love to share the love affair we all have with horses.  We do this by getting people involved with the horses.

Grooming, Riding, Cleaning, Doctoring, Loving, all in a day’s lesson.  Our training grounds is mostly the wide outdoors.  We teach riding by doing it. Going though the woods on winding trails, staying intone to your horse, relaxing, learning what to do when boggymen come calling.  All in a day’s ride.

I’ve been told, I  have just about the sweetest herd of horses around.  This is due to good training on both horses and humans.  We train both to become thinking partners and both appreciate it.  Now we always have to  have a leader, and I prefer the human to be that leader (though sometimes the horse might be the better choice).

046                If you would like to just learn about horses, ride out on trails and enjoy this beautiful place we call home, give Deb a call (745-0804).  I work with all ages and abilities.

It can be scary at any age to learn to ride and control a horse. They are big, BEAUTIFUL, powerful,  animals with a mind of their own. Our goal at EZ Walking stables is to help horses by educating their riders.

Students/New owners need support in order to obtain success with their horse partnerI want folks to be as successful with horses and have as wonderful of time as I have.  So I teach how to respect the horse and earn his respect too.  It is difficult for some people to trust a horse and even more difficult for a horse to trust them.  My plan has the horse teaching. From the horse, you learn horse patience, trust, respect and how to communicate. After the first few lessons, then you have the basics and now just need ride to perfect your communicate skills with the horse. 

On this site, we plan to provide numerous horse related help items. Since horses aren’t allow to use the Internet very often, they need your help to utilize this information. Owning a horse can be a large investment but we can make it an enjoyable and positive one.

roundpen-workDon’t Be caught Standing Around this year

Get out and make Memories

Ride a Beautiful TN Walking Horse in the Great Alaska Outdoors and

Have the time of your life.

There are cute story posted under Barn Stories

Here at EZ stables, we ride for pleasure. Everything we do with the horse is for pleasure, this includes our training. If the horse is having fun learning, then its fun for us to. Horses should not be expected to act like a robot, instead, he should be educated that working with humans can be exciting and interesting. Thus we try and develop working partnerships will all our horses and owners. This ensures that we are all having fun, and getting the most pleasure possible from our horses.

So if you want to get the most out of your horse on the trail or out for a simple pleasure ride, Deb at EZ Stables is who you should speak with. Come by the barn, see how every horse on the place is happy and wants to be with people. Horses are wonderful friends and if you want to experience, this the call or write today.

Remember Every time you are around, your horse is learning!

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