Spring is Coming!!!!

Along with More Riding Opportunities.

This Year I’m Planning on doing about SIX  Horsemanship camps for kids  at least 8yr.  My Basic Horsemanship camps are Mon-Friday, 9-noon.  We learn about horses, from head to hoof and nose to tail, including riding, working, feeding and how to have fun with your horse. Cost $275/student/week.   Plan for 5 Students per camp.

I not offering  weekly lessons until Aug.  I will have 1 week in June and Aug for students who have ridden with me for at least two camps and are at minimum 11yrs.    The Advance Horsemanship Camps are for my more confident students and will include more responsibility, longer rides, more horse training along with the daily care required to have a horse. (This is required for all levels as its just required for horses in general).  Time 9 to 1pm, cost $350/week/student.  Limited to 5 student.

For a bit more info, check out the Camp Page.

  To Contact, email at deb@akwalkers.com or call my home phone 907-745-0804 and leave a message.   Since I work with horses all day, I don’t want folks calling my cell phone and interrupting the training so please use one of the options above!  Safety First for your kids and us!


Fall/Winter is Here

We Had a Great Summer!  Meet and Trained Lots of Students and new Horse lovers.  We have Had lots of Fun and rode lots of horses!  The horses had a good summer and made enough hay money to be comfortable all winter so they are planning on taking some time off, right after Halloween!  I know the horses are all looking forward to a little decoration and costume fun!

About the only issue for us this  year is our facebook page is acting up and not allowing me to update it.  But I will continue to work on that and figure something out.  Maybe I’ll have to get a new facebook page. hmmm.  Oh well we will try to do our camps again come summer!   Small groups, lots of fun and plenty of horse time, that’s what I enjoy!


2020, Lets’ get Started!

I’m having a few issues with pictures.  But I will work on this later!  Time to go learn more about horses!

 The 2020 Calendar for our Summer Riding Programs is coming along!  So far have have 8 Horsemanship camps planned,( Starting in May), TWO 4-H camp dates, a trip to Canada, a trip to Kenai, a CTR, and  additional riding/lesson to explore new trails.  If time permits I can do special events and other camps.  Still working on adding more events, especially for our 4H horse Project students!

Next Up, Planning our SPRING Riding Program.    I will have a day for Homeschoolers who want to learn about horses and days for my 4h kids.  Some will be early afternoon and some will be after 3.  Not starting any new or returning students until Feb 2020!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well 2019 has been, was, a good year.  We said good bye to some friends, both human and horses but we met others and managed to have a great year.   Looks like 2020 will be a busy year with teaching  young folks about horses, through both the 4H program  and my own Homestyle Riding program.  I call my program homestyle for I really don’t fit into any normal discipline.  I ride both english, western, and natural, all at once.  I believe that riders and horses should both be enjoying the riding and we should play every day!

Now for 2020, I hope to have 2 or 3 horsemanship programs. 

  1.  The first one is my Summer Camps.  I will try and run 2 a month, from May to Aug.  I can only teach about 5 kids at a time in my camps for each student will be riding a horse everyday, Mon-Friday.  After we get done riding, we will take care of the horses.  Ages are 7 and up.  Cost $275, Time 9-12, Mon-Friday.
  2. Second Program is for 4h-ers that are signed up for a Horse Project.  This is a limited number as I’ve only have so many horses i can Use.  First they have to be signed up in 4h, then they have to join my 4h project, cost $200/month, meet 6 times a month at my place and work/ride horses.  Min Age 10.
  3. 3rd Program is for Smaller Kids, 3-7.    Young kids with a parent or other adult get to come learn about horses, have a lesson and hopefully go for a trail ride.   2 Hours of Horse packed fun!  Cost $45/Student, must have min of 5 students to set up class.   
  4. After students have completed one of my camps, my intent is to have them riding in the afternoons, one day a week.   Again, will need 5 students to make this a go.  

What are we About?

We are About Riding, Practical Horsemanship.  Being a partner with your horse and both you and the horse, enjoying Life!


Riding all over the place, both high and low.  Work with folks of all ages who want to ride, own and enjoy horses.  That’s what we do!!!


Its a place to Learn.   A place to Ride.  A Place to have fun with horses.We learn about horses.  We Trail ride, We Work and We Enjoy Living. More about this on the new Lesson Page






 Laugh, Work and Ride!

A comment from one of my students the other day just about says it all.“I didn’t know  all the things I don’t Know!” (she was talking about riding)

Well that’s it for now. I might add and update more of my pages soon….. So Remember, Ride today for you might not get to tomorrow.

What do we REALLY DO

We enjoy sharing our horses with folks who are not as lucky but would love to share the love affair we all have with horses.  We do this by getting people involved with the horses.

Grooming, Riding, Cleaning, Doctoring, Loving, all in a day’s lesson.  Our training grounds is mostly the wide outdoors.  We teach riding by doing it. Going though the woods on winding trails, staying intone to your horse, relaxing, learning what to do when boggymen come calling.  All in a day’s ride.

I’ve been told, I  have just about the sweetest herd of horses around.  This is due to good training on both horses and humans.  We train both to become thinking partners and both appreciate it.  Now we always have to  have a leader, and I prefer the human to be that leader (though sometimes the horse might be the better choice).

046                If you would like to just learn about horses, ride out on trails and enjoy this beautiful place we call home, give Deb a call (745-0804).  I work with all ages and abilities.

It can be scary at any age to learn to ride and control a horse. They are big, BEAUTIFUL, powerful,  animals with a mind of their own. Our goal at EZ Walking stables is to help horses by educating their riders.

Students/New owners need support in order to obtain success with their horse partnerI want folks to be as successful with horses and have as wonderful of time as I have.  So I teach how to respect the horse and earn his respect too.  It is difficult for some people to trust a horse and even more difficult for a horse to trust them.  My plan has the horse teaching. From the horse, you learn horse patience, trust, respect and how to communicate. After the first few lessons, then you have the basics and now just need ride to perfect your communicate skills with the horse. 

On this site, we plan to provide numerous horse related help items. Since horses aren’t allow to use the Internet very often, they need your help to utilize this information. Owning a horse can be a large investment but we can make it an enjoyable and positive one.

roundpen-workDon’t Be caught Standing Around this year

Get out and make Memories

Ride a Beautiful TN Walking Horse in the Great Alaska Outdoors and

Have the time of your life.

There are cute story posted under Barn Stories

Here at EZ stables, we ride for pleasure. Everything we do with the horse is for pleasure, this includes our training. If the horse is having fun learning, then its fun for us to. Horses should not be expected to act like a robot, instead, he should be educated that working with humans can be exciting and interesting. Thus we try and develop working partnerships will all our horses and owners. This ensures that we are all having fun, and getting the most pleasure possible from our horses.

So if you want to get the most out of your horse on the trail or out for a simple pleasure ride, Deb at EZ Stables is who you should speak with. Come by the barn, see how every horse on the place is happy and wants to be with people. Horses are wonderful friends and if you want to experience, this the call or write today.

Remember Every time you are around, your horse is learning!