The Move is ON

Looks like we will be closing on the house soon!   Waiting on a new septic system to be put in.  new owners and their horses are here, so I’m living in an RV parked in the drive way and we are helping each other take care of our horses.  Great timing since I broke my wrist when a horse I was training ran over me and throw me up into the air with her front leg.  I came down on my back and wacked my left arm on the ground, managing to crack my radius at the wrist like a egg shell.  but its healing.  And the move is happening in a few months  Disconnecting the phone and internet this week

Anyway, I think my camps days are over.  I’m down to just a few good horses and its sure strange but I think I’m ready for the next chapter!  I hope it will include cabins on our oklahoma property and lots of visitors.
 I will be at the Fair this year putting on horse events at the equestrian park for  4-H so come by and say hi but no goodbyes for they are too sad.  Monet, Monique, Finn, Shelby, Tango and a few more will be there waiting for pets from their friends
Take care


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