Last Camp Chance for the Year!

So I’m hoping to get in one more riding camp in Sept. Weather has not been very nice this last month. Camp will be held 2 days a week, Mon and Wednesday for a total of 5 sessions. Dates will be Sept…13, 17, 20, 23 and 25.  Times 9 to noon.  Cost $300.  Email me to sign up!  I have 3 more spots ( I’m only doing 4 or 5 students so everybody gets a horse and plenty of instruction!)  Walkers @













Looks Like a Busy Summer!

Wow, I’ve never been so busy!  I’m doing 3 camps a month and ALL are full.     If you didn’t get signed up this year, don’t feel bad, just start earlier next year!   I would recommend somewhere else but I don’t even know who else is doing riding lessons this summer.  Many are still keeping a low profile ( My camps are usually only about 5 riders, so I consider that a small number).

Oh My GoodNess

Its Still hitting Negative temperatures at night and my camps are Almost full. ( May 10 has 1 slot) I’ve only have about 1 Slot left!  Aug is Still empty and I have a few positions for my Advance horsemanship stuff.  I’m looking at 2 days a week for 2 weeks a month at $75/meeting for these guys.  These will meet for 4 hours at a time.

So We are Going have
a Wonderful  Summer 
with  Lots  of Riding!  Horses  Are
Resting UP  and  Drinking  Spring  Coolaid!

Spring is Coming!!!! ( Hopefully, Maybe?)

Winter is still hanging on Hard!  But Camps are filling up!!  Dates are on my Horsemanship page

I’m still having contact forms issues so PLEASE send your questions or request for horsemanship Camps directly to my EMAIL  at

This Year I’m Planning on doing about SIX  Horsemanship camps for kids  at least 8yr.  My Basic Horsemanship camps are Mon-Friday, 9-noon.  We learn about horses, from head to hoof and nose to tail, including riding, working, feeding and how to have fun with your horse. Cost $275/student/week.   Plan for 5 Students per camp.

I not offering  weekly lessons until Aug.  I will have 1 week in June and Aug for students who have ridden with me for at least two camps and are at least 11yrs.    The Advance Horsemanship Camps are for my more confident students and will include more responsibility, longer rides, more horse training along with the daily care required to have a horse. (This is required for all levels as its just required for horses in general).  Time 9 to 1pm, cost $350/week/student.  Limited to 5 student per camp

For a bit more info, check out the Horsemanship Page.

  To Contact, email at or call my home phone 907-745-0804 and leave a message.   Since I work with horses all day, I don’t want folks calling my cell phone and interrupting the training so please use one of the options above!  Safety First for your kids and horses!