Fall/Winter is Here

We Had a Great Summer!  Meet and Trained Lots of Students and new Horse lovers.  We have Had lots of Fun and rode lots of horses!  The horses had a good summer and made enough hay money to be comfortable all winter so they are planning on taking some time off, right after Halloween!  I know the horses are all looking forward to a little decoration and costume fun!

About the only issue for us this  year is our facebook page is acting up and not allowing me to update it.  But I will continue to work on that and figure something out.  Maybe I’ll have to get a new facebook page. hmmm.  Oh well we will try to do our camps again come summer!   Small groups, lots of fun and plenty of horse time, that’s what I enjoy!


2020, Lets’ get Started!

I’m having a few issues with pictures.  But I will work on this later!  Time to go learn more about horses!

 The 2020 Calendar for our Summer Riding Programs is coming along!  So far have have 8 Horsemanship camps planned,( Starting in May), TWO 4-H camp dates, a trip to Canada, a trip to Kenai, a CTR, and  additional riding/lesson to explore new trails.  If time permits I can do special events and other camps.  Still working on adding more events, especially for our 4H horse Project students!

Next Up, Planning our SPRING Riding Program.    I will have a day for Homeschoolers who want to learn about horses and days for my 4h kids.  Some will be early afternoon and some will be after 3.  Not starting any new or returning students until Feb 2020!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well 2019 has been, was, a good year.  We said good bye to some friends, both human and horses but we met others and managed to have a great year.   Looks like 2020 will be a busy year with teaching  young folks about horses, through both the 4H program  and my own Homestyle Riding program.  I call my program homestyle for I really don’t fit into any normal discipline.  I ride both english, western, and natural, all at once.  I believe that riders and horses should both be enjoying the riding and we should play every day!

Now for 2020, I hope to have 2 or 3 horsemanship programs. 

  1.  The first one is my Summer Camps.  I will try and run 2 a month, from May to Aug.  I can only teach about 5 kids at a time in my camps for each student will be riding a horse everyday, Mon-Friday.  After we get done riding, we will take care of the horses.  Ages are 7 and up.  Cost $275, Time 9-12, Mon-Friday.
  2. Second Program is for 4h-ers that are signed up for a Horse Project.  This is a limited number as I’ve only have so many horses i can Use.  First they have to be signed up in 4h, then they have to join my 4h project, cost $200/month, meet 6 times a month at my place and work/ride horses.  Min Age 10.
  3. 3rd Program is for Smaller Kids, 3-7.    Young kids with a parent or other adult get to come learn about horses, have a lesson and hopefully go for a trail ride.   2 Hours of Horse packed fun!  Cost $45/Student, must have min of 5 students to set up class.   
  4. After students have completed one of my camps, my intent is to have them riding in the afternoons, one day a week.   Again, will need 5 students to make this a go.