Fall Horsemanship Schedule!

WOW, I just realize how out of day my Web page is!   Blame it on Facebook!, Facebook is easier to update and put pictures on.  So to see our summer riding photos and a few stories, go to facebook.com/ezwalkingstables.

Now for Fall, I’m looking at having the new kids come two days a week, as a an Introduction Series of lessons.  Right now I’ve got two dates, Sept 14 and 15 and Sept 21 and 22.  The Fridays, Sept 14 and 21, we will meet at 4pm and be done around 6pm.  On Saturdays, we will meet at 9am and be done at noon.  Cost will be $100/set for the 5 hours of horsemanship. These two sets will be the same lesson.  Now after complete my first and or second Set, then we can work on a day of the week to continue the lessons if you like.  Can have up to 5 kids between the ages of 7 and 99.

My riding lessons are designed to be educational, fun but safe!  Each student will have their own horse to ride but should a student need help, we will be able to help.  Now if I just had time to learn the new WordPress design and editor I would put some pictures on this post but that will have to wait for another day!

Riders Getting Ready to Get Riding!

Summer is Coming

Camps are being Listed.  Looks like we will be Busy around here, riding horses!   Just the way we like it.    

My goals is to educate students in the ways of horses, have fun, learn lots and  discover what is involved in taking care of horses, not just riding them.  

Best way to Sign up is to drop me an Email! 
       Deb @akwalkers.com
  or walkers@mtaonline.net

Don’t be caught on the Fence!, Get signed up now!


Sleeping horse

Don’t be caught sleeping









2019 Current  Programs  Planned

 Camps   (Weanlings and Yearlings)

Weanlings are kids who have not completed at least two of my camps. Min age 7 years!

Yearlys are kids who just want to come back to ride and learn Beyond the Basic!  Normally a little older.

  1.   Horsemanship Camps –    5 days of fun Horsemanship                                         $275/ week, 9-12 pm each day , 5 students only
      1. May 6-10  ( Weanling)
      2. May 27-31   (Open)
      3. June 3-7  (Yearlings)
      4. June 17-21 (Weanlings)
      5. July 8-12    (Yearlings)
      6.  July 15-19   (Weanlings)
      7. Aug 5-9  (Open to All)  

Intermediate Horsemanship Groups 

Always looking forward

Two Groups

              Group A  –   Rides 6 Times a Month,  2  hours each time,   Mostly afternoons       $225/month, (must have completed one of my camps or pass a riding horsemanship test)
              Group B  –   10 Times a Month,    $350/month.   Rides with group A, sometimes, and helps with morning campers or chores.  Will be invited to participate on Longer all day rides once a month.   Min Age 10.   Same rule as Group A.    

The days these group will meet has not been decided.   Groups will have some horsemanship test to pass to ensure students are learning about the horse and not JUST having fun and riding!

More Details for these programs on my Riding Programs page. ( Not updatd yet for 2019)



All riding will be conducted in small to med size groups with me, (instructor, safety officer, drill Sergeant and sometimes policewoman!)

Discussing the morning plan with one of my students

My Camps are designed to be fun and educational. Each student will be assigned a horse and will ride and take care of that horse for the camp time. Plus other chores and duties that must be done for the horses.

Learning to Learn, it’s an ART!

Trails Ahead

Now that I have Face book to post pictures and short ride stories,  I’m not updated my web page as much.  But I hope to make it into an  information place so will still keep it updated.

Horses and people are not as different when it come to learning as some folks might believe.  In order to learn we must understand what it is being presented.  We have to be able to understand and have a reason to want to know it.  Now reasons can very, maybe it makes life easier, maybe it leads to better food or maybe its just fun.  If learning can touch on all those reasons, then both horse and  person will probable learn to learn better.

This summer I am going to be expanding both horses and humans minds (hopefully) with new information and understanding.  Creating desire to learn more and get out and do more.  For my own education and that of the horses and folks I come in contact with, I’m starting a new study on the Dorrance Bothers.  They were last century master Horseman who took the time needed to learn what the horse needed to learn.  They shared what they knew with the horse’s owner or rider.  They were gentle and figured things out for each horses, not using a Cookie cutter recipe to solve problems.  This is what I want to accomplish with my horses and training, both with people and horses.  Develop Relationships where the horses want to work with us and where the people gain confident that they really can have a partnership with their horse.  Not English or Western, Just Horse!

My goal has always been to have fun and help people understand horses !

Well its time for us to start some Horse Improvement Classes.   These are for friends who want to better themselves and their horses through riding and having fun.  My major themes  include confident building and “feeling” your horse.    We will do it at both my place and on the trials. I’ve had all winter to think up new stuff and now I’m ready to get started.





I have also added a new story to my story page and have some updates on a sale horse.  Plus if you know of anybody looking for a walking Mule I know of one for sale.

So Get out, and Go Have some fun with your Horses!!! Or come and have fun with some of my!