Camps Have been Great!

Well we are drawing near the end of my Camps for this year.   I am planning some Early Fall 1or 2 days horse activities so if you couldn’t make a camp, find out out the next Option!  Also We will be at the Fair This year!  So Stop by and say Hi!   

My 4H Girls will be running the  4H Food Booth we are Calling it  “The Chuckwagon”  All proceeds goes to the girls for either collage or to help pay for their horses

Camps are not just for Kids! Adults are Welcome to Ride This year!

So this year I’m making the camps open to both young riders and their kids.  There is so much information that I can put in the camp that it’s fun for everybody!  I think the Mom and Daughter camp last year was about the best of the season!.  So This year I’m doing it again!.  Right now I have a pair in my June Camp.   So join up early to get a Slot for you and your Mom!     

Email to sign up  Walkers @

Summer Camps on the Calendar!

So for the past few Summers, we been holding Horse Camps.  The Camps are fun and education.  Summers are Busy around the Barn!  Most camps are 5 days, 9am to noon and cost this year will be $325 for each student.   Payments must be check or cash and due the first day.  To sigh up, drop me an email at walkers @   

Parents can also join a camp!  Horseback riding is fun at all ages!!! ( We do have to limit the weight for our horses to about 200 lbs due to the breed and horse sizes).

I plan to have 3 Levels.   

 Young Kids Fun Day3+

So Just when I think I have it all worked out!  Other horse events happen and make me change my dates again!
Kids Day:   May 7,  June 25,  July 2 and Aug 20.  Parents can help with this one and Kids need to bring bike helmets ( t hat are a good fit) if they have one.  

Horsemanship Camp (Level 1)

May 2-6  An afternoon Camp 4:15 to 6:15pm  $275 
May 9-13,   Full
June  13-17  Full
July 5-8 (Tuesday -Fri) $275
Aug 3-5   Wed-Friday  $210

Horsemanship Camp (Level 2)

May 30-June 3
June 20-24
July 18-22
Aug 8-12  

More information on the Horsemanship Camps page


We Dress up for Holidays!