Spring – Summer and then Gone!

I love Alaska. Have had some Great Rides, made lots of friends but the winters are not getting Easier!  So its time we head south.  This year I plan to ride over a 1000 miles!  The horses have to make some money to pay for their trip south.  So friends who have ridden with me before are welcome to come join on the fun rides.  Instead of focusing on training kids, this summer, I am focusing on riding different trails!  I’m not sure of prices or dates.  I will  have to have a few kids camps but I’ve only got a few horses as i’ve closed my boarding stables so most of my horses have new homes.  I still have Monet, Monique, Tango, Shelby, Finn and America.   I will post a calendar soon with prices,  dates and times.  I’m still doing my 4-h kids and their camps and then I’m working on my 1000 miles + of riding!!!  Monty looking forward to see new people too!  Email me with questions, comments or dates you might want to ride!  walkers @ mtaonline.net  See You on the Trails!

Looking For Spring


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