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What we do here at EZ Stables is evolving and growing.  We help horses by Training People.   My goal is to ride as much as possible and to help others who want to ride, to do so too.  I share my horse with other (and I share their upkeep cost).  😆

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sun1 webI like working with horses and people.  Its wonderful to see owners creating a team with their horse and I take great pride in the fact that I can help develop a smooth flowing working team.

Having served 20 years in the Army (some active, some reserve) I’m used to having Acronym and so I decided to develop one.

MY acronym Ill have to learn to spell this word) is TEAM.100_0823


— Teaching with
E– Equine
A– As

I teach people to work with horses by learning from horses.  I’ve always said horses are my trainers.  (I did get one email were a horse owner asked if I could send one of my trainer down to help her and her horse) hmmmm.

Basically I teach folks to train there horses by observing the horse and rewarding the slightest tries.  And I teach riding by letting people ride.  I coach folks so they ride easier and they can feel the difference in the horse when they develop good balance and start working with the horse Naturally.


Let me help you and your horse become a team!


(old stuff, just thought I leave this until I get creative, read at your own risk.)

My philosophy is not to make the horse  do things but to give the horse choices and get the horse to want to do things.  Horses like to follow leaders.  For a horse to want to be with us for example, we have to show the qualities of a good leader.   These qualities are quiet confident, dependable, consistency and  willingness not to use force.   We have have to earn a horse’s trust.  Its not automatic, just because we feed and water the horse.   Trust is not won by being too mushy or too aggressive, instead you have to read the horse to know how much pressure is needed for that horse to see you as a leader and not a threat or just a stumbling block in his way.


I really try hard to make dreams come true, as a new friend and horse-owner recently email me. You know that is why I love doing this. Everybody should be happy and have the opportunity to have a wonderful horse if they so desire. Horses are wonderful friends and I love to share my knowledge with others if it will help them have a better life. (Both horse and people.

I enjoy taking a problem and making an asset out of it. My only problem is I don’t have enough problems. My horses are all pretty nice. If they develop a problem, we discuss it and the horse usually decided to see things my way, end of problem. If the horse doesn’t see things my way, then I get serious and the horse gets the message. I don’t use excessive force, or make the horse run until they are ready to drop, I just use a language they understand and respect me for.

I am a good teacher with patience and a keen since of observation. I get inside the horses heads and I explain what is happening to the owners so they can do the same. I’m not a cowboy(cowgirl?) nor do I teach English riding like jumping, dressage, hunting. Instead, I just teach good horsemanship. I trail ride and teach on the trails. We learn Safety is the #1 thing and everybody has to have respect for everybody, horses and people. I was told by a friend one time  that I am Always training. Training comes natural to me either people or horses. I really enjoy watching owners learning to become partners with their horses. Its Great.