Do you Know?

Horse keeping, specially here in Alaska is quite the commitment.  Recently I received a request for funds to help out the Hooved Animal Humane Society and in their letter, they had a fact column about cost for keeping a horse.  I decided I should put one on my page so you can see what it cost, why its expensive to just ride and where your money goes when you are into horses!


Cost of a Horse/Year
Care Provided Average Cost Outside Alaska From HAHS Alaska Cost Comments about Alaska Expenses
Worming $50 $90 If you purchase 6 tubes from local feed store
Inoculate $75 $200 Depends on how many shots your request, If you go with the most common  EWI, Flu, Tetanus, Rhino, Rabies,  Strangles,  Some shots must be given 2x a year so add another $100 for shots and trip fee
dentistry $100 $250 Must plan for every other year or so, some need it every year, some can skip a year
trim $200 $270 Every 6 weeks at $45, Shoeing is about $125
Hay not mentioned $1,800 Purchased from the Field and your store for the year 150 lbs $12 
Vet not mentioned $500 Amount in savings in case your horse gets hurt or sick.  Of course the actually amount will vary
Travel not mentioned $300 Most go to shows or trails!  gas and maintenance is not cheap!  This is a lot less than I spend each year
Total Estimate $425 $3,410  Not Cheap to Keep a horse       Don’t forget Vitamins and possible Grain

Other Facts Coming as I think of Stuff!!!