Drawing Down!

Well, EZ Walking has been Active in Alaska for more than 20 years but Now we are heading South to a bit warmer Winter Climate!   So We are looking for a person to purchase our wonderful place and we will be moving out of state following the Alaska State Fair in the Fall of  2023.  All the horses are taken care of, either they are heading south or a few will be starting new lives with new families here in Alaska.  Don’t know if I’ll be running any riding camps this coming summer but might do a few for some of my riders who have been with me for a few years.  My Helpers are all growing up too.  So the time is right to move on down the road!  I’ll put a new page up with what the place has for sale.  I’m always open to suggestions to help make the right decisions as I don’t know if I’ll be coming back some in the summer or not but somewhere there is the answer we need to find to make this new plan all work out!


So Since Facebook as deactivated my EZ Walking Stables page, I guess I was having too much fun, I will try and update my web page.  Maybe I’ll try and start a new facebook page ( I did but it said I already had one with my email address so I couldn’t. )  Not sure but know there will be changes coming up soon!  So Stay Tooned or let me know what you are thinking if you have any suggestions.  my email still works at walkers @ mtaonline.net. ( without the spaces of course)


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