Barn Stories

At this stables, we ride and we ride just for the fun of it.  I enjoy sharing the horses with other folks who in return help feed the horses with their donations.  Everybody benefits.  Great folks get to ride and work with great horses and I get to help both.  Below are some rides that we did this summer and at the bottom is a photo book of more stuff.  I might get around to updating it more and I might not.  After all this is 2010 and its time to get out and make memories for this year, not live in last year!!!


very year, about the 2nd weekend of Sept, the Driving Me Buggie Club host a ride at the MAT-SU Glacier.  Its open to anybody and its fun.

Glaicer ride 09This year, 2009, we took 4 horses and the colt.  From the left you have me, Deb and Monet, the biggest clowns on the ride.  Next you have K and Riko.  Her horse, Cricket is out with a sore leg so she borrow Riko who loves trail rides.  Next you have Frances and her horse Shelby.  Shelby might belong to me on paper but she’s Frances’ horse.  Then Tango, Shelby’s foal.  He’s looking for the right person.  and Roy and Jack.  Jack is Shelby’s Sire.   We just brought the who family.  I usually ride Pathfinder, Tango’s sire, but not this year.DSC01431

As you can see we are just out having fun. We just can’t seem to help it.  Being on a  horse out in the middle of Alaska.  There’s not much better.

DSC01428Here are Tango and Riko exploring big rocks.  Riko is asking Tango, “Do you want to JUMP”  Tango is quite the explorer.   He just loves going new places, meeting new faces and getting in trouble.  (Nothing too bad)


Eklutna Lake.

where-backMy self and two other ladies went on this ride.  Kind of sad, we had room for another horse but no body could get free for a day and ride with us.  I even had a horse who wanted to go.   At my place the horses sometimes fight to get their heads in the halters so they can go riding.

Sorrry Not all my pictures come out as nice as I like.  For some reason my focus was off but I’ve got it fixed now.  I got a new Camera!!



Monet, now she always looks  where I do.  Its so much fun having a horse in tune to me, the rider.  Monet loves finding new trails and seeing things.

This was a fun ride.  We only did about 15 miles but next time we will start early and ride faster.  The trail is nice, its open to non-motorize on 4 days , I think Tuesday-Sat.  you want to start early to miss some of the bikers.   We passed a bunch coming back down.  Its much nicer having bikers in front of you instead of sneaking up behind you.  Hmmm I just thought of something.  Bandit, who hates bikes should go on this ride.  I bet by the end of the day, he would be over his fear of bikes.  (as long as one didn’t attack)eklutna lake

We took out lunch with us and ate it overlooking the lake.

No I didn’t take this picture, I got it off the webpage,

You should give credit when credit is due.   So this one came from

Rides with No Name, Just  Memories.

camer-shutter1 Across the Hay fields.  On a horse, following a horse.  Just a wonderful ride.

Jo and Sassy

Jo and Sassy


Through the woods and over the hills, Where we will end up, nobody knows.


Possible in a field of Fire-weed in full bloom








OR maybe by a river



We might go where the trail leads or we might just make our own.

river We Just love to ride.







Heres more Randum pictures


2009 Christmas Wish from the Horses at EZ Stable

May your Christmas always be amazing
That everyday there’s something New
That you have friends to stand by you
and Snow to make you laugh
May you have many surprise and
Always look for the good things.


May 2010 find you on a Horse!

Click Below on the link to see the  Real Wish with Pictures
It’s  in Word 2007