Horsemanship Camps Details

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Horsemanship Basic Camp Program  

My horsemanship camps -An excellent way to be involved with horses and have a lot of fun. Students will acquire great skills from the horses.  We have an instructor and assistant instructors to help students to interpret what the horses are trying to teach the student.   Each day we will ride for an hour or so and then care for the horses in the proper manor.  

Horsemanship camp level 1 are for students with little or no experience with horses.  We start with day one getting acquainted with our horses and learning to trust the horse.  Each student is assigned a horse for the week that they will ride and take care of.  Students can take this camp over and over again, learn new tricks in the trade, work with different horses and improve their horsemanship skills.  Students with more experience will be given horses with less experience.  Human student learn how to think like a horse and anticipate what going to happen thus allowing human student to direct the action and help train the horse student.  Students with less experience get horses with more experience.  This creates a trusting and safer environment for both horse and student.

Camps are limited to about 5 students reservation bases.  Cost $325,  and meet Mon-Friday 9am to noon.  ( Most are 5 days but there are some exceptions)

Horsemanship Level 1 Camps:

May 2-6, Time 4:15 to 6:15pm   Cost $275  
May 9-13    (Full)
June 13-17  (Full)
July 5-8 ( Tuesday – Friday)$265
Aug 3-5  (Wed -Friday)  $210

 Goals for Level 1 –   

Catch, halter and lead your horse correctly and safely .   Efficient grooming, including hooves, body, head, main and tail.  Tacking up, mounting, using the reins and riding in Balance with horse.    Controlling horses through different patterns, games and on trials.  Caring for horse including feeding and cleaning.

Horsemanship Camp Level 2  

Riders must at least 10 yrs old, have attended at a minimum  2 Basic camps and be able to trot or gait (and know the difference) a designated pattern.    Looking at doing 5 days a week in the morning, 9 to noon, Cost $325.
May 30-June 3  (3 open)
June 20-24        (4 Open)
July 18-22         (4 open)
Aug 8-12           (1 open)

Goals for Level 2 Riders:

Being able complete all level one task by themselves!  Complete more complicated and faster games.  Learning  how to post and sit the canter.  More advance tacking instructions and more complicated trails with obstacles!  Of course caring for the horses is still part of this camp as that’s just good horsemanship!

VERY YOUNG RIDER   Weanling Fun Days

Monique as a baby

Kids Fun Horse day, suggested ages 3+.  This is usually just a really fun day for the little riders.  I get my 4H students to help with the horses and we just have a really fun and educational time with the little kids and horses.  I try to have some activities beside just riding but riding is always the big hit.  This year the Kids day will be the 1st Sat in the month starting with

Monique All Grown up! (Kinda)

May.  (May 7, June 25, July 2, Aug 20)  Kids will be introduced to the horses and allow to ride (Horse will be lead).  If kids need a side walker, that will be the responsibility of the parent.  If parents can’t sidewalk, be sure and let us know and we can get a volunteer to help!  Cost $45 for about 2. hours.  All Kids MUST be registered to participate and bring a Bicycle helmet if you have one that’s a good fit (Can’t slide around)!

Goals for Kids camps

Approaching, help haltering, leading, grooming.  Learning about colors and some body parts.  While mounted learn how to prepare to move out, cueing to walk, count each step and stop with minimal pulling.  The older kids in this group will learn how to hold the reins and follow head with hands.  We will also work on recognize the different gaits of horses while somebody else rides if we have time.

Adult Rides

Sat or Sunday Rides. and Some evenings will be available if requested   These rides are for improving our horsemanship, relaxing and having fun!  Rides will be about 1 hour through beautiful scenery. $160/4 lessons 

We are not a Trail Riding Stables.  We do learn to ride on the trails but we don’t learn excellent horsemanship in one lesson!  If you are an experienced rider, understand gaited horses and just want to see some of the beauitiful places we have to ride in Alaska, I have been know to make exceptions!  What horseman doesn’t like to meet other good horse folks from out of state!