Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well 2019 has been, was, a good year.  We said good bye to some friends, both human and horses but we met others and managed to have a great year.   Looks like 2020 will be a busy year with teaching  young folks about horses, through both the 4H program  and my own Homestyle Riding program.  I call my program homestyle for I really don’t fit into any normal discipline.  I ride both english, western, and natural, all at once.  I believe that riders and horses should both be enjoying the riding and we should play every day!

Now for 2020, I hope to have 2 or 3 horsemanship programs. 

  1.  The first one is my Summer Camps.  I will try and run 2 a month, from May to Aug.  I can only teach about 5 kids at a time in my camps for each student will be riding a horse everyday, Mon-Friday.  After we get done riding, we will take care of the horses.  Ages are 7 and up.  Cost $275, Time 9-12, Mon-Friday.
  2. Second Program is for 4h-ers that are signed up for a Horse Project.  This is a limited number as I’ve only have so many horses i can Use.  First they have to be signed up in 4h, then they have to join my 4h project, cost $200/month, meet 6 times a month at my place and work/ride horses.  Min Age 10.
  3. 3rd Program is for Smaller Kids, 3-7.    Young kids with a parent or other adult get to come learn about horses, have a lesson and hopefully go for a trail ride.   2 Hours of Horse packed fun!  Cost $45/Student, must have min of 5 students to set up class.   
  4. After students have completed one of my camps, my intent is to have them riding in the afternoons, one day a week.   Again, will need 5 students to make this a go.  


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