Life Getting Exciting!

last of Feb Pictures 061Riding Time is Coming!.  This year, I’m not doing as many weekly lessons, instead I’m doing morning camps and Horsemanship programs.  In both program, students learn what it means to be with, work ods and ends 069with, and hopefully own a horse sometime in the future.  All students learn how to feed, tack, train and trailer horses.  Other lessons include first aid, hoof care, tack care, breeds, colors and dispositions of horses.    I’ve always wanted to help horses and believe I can do this best by training the people who will be taking care of the horses.  So if you want a life with horses and some wonderful experience with horses, then come join our program.    Spaces are limited.  Riding will be great, at least we hope so!  I plan to log 1000 miles or more  this year.  Most will be with friends so come join me for a ride!


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