Hello Sweet 16

Friday river ride 024Happy New Year! 2016, Here We come!

Saying Good Bye to 2015.  It was a good year.  Lots of wonderful rides.  A few friends lost, Sassy (dog) and Milkweed (cat).  Meet a lot of new horse friends and even some people friends.  Looks like we have enough hay to get us through the winter, and we have a new puppy.  All in All a very good year.

2016 should be an exciting year! This year I will be the trail Master for theCTR Monet laying down Competitive Trail ride (CTR).  I hope to have about 35 miles of trails memorized by July along the Knik River.  So if you have a horse, or want to volunteer to help with the ride, come join us! Expect anything and everything and you won’t be disappointed!

CTR Monet looking over fenceAs for my horse business, well I think I will have to cut back on riding lessons for I will need to be out on the trail more getting trails marked.  So what I plan to do is two camps a month and about 10 horsemanship programs with students.  This way every afternoon I will be out on the trails with a bunch of horsemanship students who want to ride and don’t mind working a bit on trials too.

The CTR is planned for the last weekend of July. The rest of the summer is still to be worked out! Hope to get a few overnights rides in

meet at the h2o holeHope to see you out on the trails or at the watering hole!


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