Happy Holidays!

img_20161202_102727248img_20161202_102825214Just  want to say Thanks to everybody who rode with my stables this pass year.  It was an awesome year and I think we had some great time.   Check back with us in 2017 to see what going on.  As of Dec, I’m planning on doing a couple 1 week camps for beginner riders.  These camps were fun and education for the students and the horses enjoyed the kids too.   Probable won’t do to many riding lessons but will have a few slots open.  Most new riders will be encouraged to do one of my camps as we ride a lot during the camps and they are just a lot of fun!  For adults who want to ride and learn more about horses, I hope to have a series of workshops. These workshop will include feeding, first aid, hooves,  and riding.

So here’s my current Disclaimer Statementnice-spring-day-034

Limited and not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that exercising a little over an hour (about 75 minutes) on a wonderful Tennessee Walking Horses may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to stress and worry in your life.  To achieve this and possible other delightful benefits from riding, find a magnificent Walking Horses and go riding today.  The implantation of this proposal should not take the place of your normal workout program but should instead be an additional opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself!


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