Go With The Fall

You know how in tumbling, a coach will say, go with the fall,- to keep it from hurting so much.  Well That’s what we are doing- to keep Winter from hurting so much!  We are going riding with the Fall and having some great rides too!  If you would like to check out more pictures of our summer and Fall riding go to facebook.com/ezwalkingstables.   Its easier to put pictures on facebook then in the web so I’ve been a little bad at updating my web page.    Now for summer events, we did the Competitive Trail ride with our 4 yr old fillies and did pretty good, I think I came in Second in the Novice division on Monique.  And my points were only a few off from the Winner, who was also from my barn!   My girls took 1St, 2nd and 3rd in the Junior Division.  So I feel pretty good.   We also did a Center Riding Clinic, Lots of trail riding, dodged many of rain drops and tried to have enough fun to make happy menories for when its a bit colder and not quite as nice riding.  Of course we will be riding!  We also introduced a Bunch of kids to the art of riding this summer through my week long riding camps and are currently teaching lessons, teaching College and attending all our horses.   We have found our riding Skirts make Great jackets when it’s cooler then expected on a ride.   AND   Check out  Oct Issue of Horse Illustrated as we  have a story featuring several of our horses , Riding in Alaska’s Backcountry!  So Dont’ fall asleep at your post, be sure get out riding!  Hope to See you on the trails.   


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