Fall Horsemanship Schedule!

WOW, I just realize how out of day my Web page is!   Blame it on Facebook!, Facebook is easier to update and put pictures on.  So to see our summer riding photos and a few stories, go to facebook.com/ezwalkingstables.

Now for Fall, I’m looking at having the new kids come two days a week, as a an Introduction Series of lessons.  Right now I’ve got two dates, Sept 14 and 15 and Sept 21 and 22.  The Fridays, Sept 14 and 21, we will meet at 4pm and be done around 6pm.  On Saturdays, we will meet at 9am and be done at noon.  Cost will be $100/set for the 5 hours of horsemanship. These two sets will be the same lesson.  Now after complete my first and or second Set, then we can work on a day of the week to continue the lessons if you like.  Can have up to 5 kids between the ages of 7 and 99.

My riding lessons are designed to be educational, fun but safe!  Each student will have their own horse to ride but should a student need help, we will be able to help.  Now if I just had time to learn the new WordPress design and editor I would put some pictures on this post but that will have to wait for another day!


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