April 1

Time to get off your BUNS and get enrolled!!!  You will learn more ways to help your horse, therefore helping yourself in 3 short days than you ever believed possible!!!  Get you deposit in for the class Today!  Take the class or audit it

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Remember my motto – Helping Horses by Training Humans

This year Dates

Level 1 June 19-21

Level 2 June 23-24

Level 3 June 25 or 26 ( we might need a day break)

3 Opportunities to learn! 


Full Participants in 3 Day Clinic ( 19, 20 and 21 June) for $700

Observer For the 3 day Clinic for $225.  You can assist with the horses by holding and you will be included in all the discussions/classes and questions sessions.  There is no sitting on the sidelines in April’s clinic, you just won’t be assigned specif horses that you actually get to have hands on and adjust.  Nor will you get the certificate that says you spent this time doing the adjustments for the horse.

Setting up a private “reading” with April where she studies your horse and performs her healing process, then April will show you what you need to do to help the horse in future days.  Not sure what the cost for this will be, I will let you communicate directly with April for service.  ( Probable will not have time for this this at this time.


For more information, go to her web page at http://holistichorseworks.com

April Battles – Holistic Horse Works

  • Certified instructor for Quantum Relief for horses and humans.
    Certified instructor for Ting Point Therapy
    Access Consciousness practitioner-break the negative patterns that keep repeating in your life.
  • Osteopathy for Deep Myofascial muscular and skeletal releases
  • CranioSacral and Massage Therapy
  • Bio-Energy Therapy
  • Equine Kinesiology
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Acupressure and Reiki
  • Unwinding the whole horse for the body, mind, heart and soul

Remember life without pain?

  • Release the soft tissues
  • Flush emotional traumas
  • Remove defensive habits
  • Correct nutritional imbalances
  • Balance the energetic system

And here’s some more info (from Europe) on April and her Clinics

Dear fellow Equine Friends,

 Part 2.2
I would like to introduce you to April Battles, if you are not already aware of her work:
April’s unique holistic healing approach treats the horse’s entire body; physically, emotionally,
and spiritually, including identifying and addressing any viral or bacterial issues there may be.
Her techniques also provide the perfect opportunity for horses to go forward and live longer,
healthier and happier lives, as well as saving their owners £££’s in the long term.
“I have developed some new methods that quickly decompress the Parietal, Frontal,
Lacrimal and TMJ that are reversing symptoms of Uveitis, I.R, Cushings,
and recurring Laminitis – Fascinating stuff !” … April Battles 2013.
Demand internationally for her workshops is now at an all-time high, and they have become
renowned  for “…April’s incredible ability to communicate…”  with not only the horses,
but also with her Students and Auditors … teaching her work in such easy to understand terms,
and so making it fun to learn also!
Many participants have gone away from her workshops at the end of day 3, totally amazed
with what they saw, heard, felt, and learned,
and with the way they look at horsespositively changed forever!
We welcome April back to the UK this May 2013
All three of her 3-day workshops in 2012 (her first time visit here) were sold out in advance.
with more fantastic feedback such as:
 “…April is a genius…”
“…to watch how many horses were so profoundly affected by this was awesome…”
“I was told (by my Vet) my 4 year old horse had to have her eye removed (due to Uveitis)
 Now my Vet is saying the eye does not have to be removed. How amazing is that?
“…the way the horses head can and does actually change shape afterwards is fascinating…”
This is a wonderful opportunity to welcome her back and to be actively involved alsoas an Auditor or Student.
Please make time if you can and take a look at her web sitewww.holistichorseworks.com
also her (not to be missed) information packed videos on You Tube;
I am sure you will find them fascinating, easy to understand, and very interesting!


Auditors: (Observers who are effectively non hands on Students) and are included in all classroom
activities etc. Feel free to move around during the workshop outlined below: observe, listen, and learn.
There is so much valuable knowledge you will be getting during the three days!
Those who are happy to be more involved, may also be invited to assist with the horses at certain times.
The course Workbook is also yours to download this year.
April will answer any questions you have at the end of each day.
Students:The Workshop is hands on, where you will learn how to treat the root causes of common issues
in horses that affect their physical and psychological well being, as well as their performance and longevity:
You will each have three individual horses to work with, then will put everything together, and work all the way
through with an additional horse on the third day, utilizing all the new skills you will have learned
( In all, we will have twenty eight horses available in total for the three days).
April goes through all the moves with you; fine tuning your personal technique and also adds some new things
she has personally developed.
There is so much valuable individual help, knowledge and information you will be getting during the three days!
Students will receive a certificate of completion.
All bookings are being taken in the order of the times they are received, so please book as soon as possible
to secure your place, as we anticipate these classes being sold out soon.
(only two Level 1 classes this year as opposed to three last year)
Please contact us to hold your spot!
April and I look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of unwinding horses
at EZ Walking Stables in June!
As she says on her website: “The horses are talking … are you listening?”
For more details, and how to book, please visit the Store page on April’s Web  page www.holistichorseworks.com
Click on the link to put the deposit down!
Or, feel free to give me a call or email with any questions,
email me, Deb Moore
email April: