2020, Lets’ get Started!

I’m having a few issues with pictures.  But I will work on this later!  Time to go learn more about horses!

 The 2020 Calendar for our Summer Riding Programs is coming along!  So far have have 8 Horsemanship camps planned,( Starting in May), TWO 4-H camp dates, a trip to Canada, a trip to Kenai, a CTR, and  additional riding/lesson to explore new trails.  If time permits I can do special events and other camps.  Still working on adding more events, especially for our 4H horse Project students!

Next Up, Planning our SPRING Riding Program.    I will have a day for Homeschoolers who want to learn about horses and days for my 4h kids.  Some will be early afternoon and some will be after 3.  Not starting any new or returning students until Feb 2020!  


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